Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday, in retrospect, was about voting to speak instead of remain silent. It was simply about writing about something that I think about a lot, which is the hardest for me. But it was also about not be afraid to declare publicly, a link between me and something which is considered a disability, one with a lot of confusing media attention.

But that specific media attention I'll talk about another day, today is now about the bombardment of media building up to one moment at the polls. How in the world am I supposed to process all the names, the faces, the facts, the mudslinging... to be able to vote in this election? Today is November 2nd, a very important day to vote (especially in California, I think), and I have no idea for the most part what I'm voting for.

To try to make it simple, because I may implode if I try to figure out the govenor candidate's positions on everything, I decided to look at one key thing: what they are going to do to help out the University of California system. So far I have found very contradictory information: "Meg is going to take money from that, Jerry is going to take money from that, so-and-so cares about this, so-and-so doesn't really care about that...." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... I just want to know if I'm going to be able to afford to attend a university (without ridiculous amounts of loans to pay later on).

The propositions are a little simpler, but it is hard for me to find anything of interest in any of them. Should I send 100 million dollars to the Organization of Sfeutyhfkjshdj? Should I send 400 million to the Department of Ejhdkdhjghgflskash? Maybe I should let someone who actually knows what these places are, or knows more about money, deal with those ones.

Today is kind of a quiet after the storm, where the flood of information and misinformation dries out and we are allowed to breathe, and silently vote. But today is also a day of learning to recover from the storm, sit down, and focus enough to find the facts. With this, I take action.

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